Pub Crawl

Pubs are very popular with young adults in St Petersburg as a place for conversation, laughs and striking up conversations with strangers. The mood is light and social, most of the regulars are highly educated and well traveled from early 20s to mid 30s, often more young women than men.  Many if not most, speak some English.  We will drive from the port at about 7:30 pm for the 20 minute trip to the city center. At least one American or British expat will be the group leader, adjusting the itinerary based on the mood and whims of the members. You will be greeted by the manager of each pub, offered an including pint of your favorite(most pubs feature imported quality beer and ale from Ireland, England, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, and large selection of craft beer. It is a group decision to move on to the next or not. We will have reservations at 4-5 pubs.

Casual fun meeting locals!

The attmosphere in a English style pub in St Petersburg is full of good cheer, friendly locals and expats and usually good food. They are very much a social center for conversation with friends and strangers, and everyone is approachable and friendly. Don't expect to find drunks or ill-mannered people, that is not the style of pubs here, but good humor and great coversation is the rule rather than exception. 

  • Transportation
  • Visa Free Ticket
  • Free beer in each pub
  • Hosted by long time American or UK expats

Have fun, bring your friends and join the party!  We have selected an Irish Pub, a Spanish pub, 2 English pubs and a unique Russian bar based on their atmosphere, staff and social buzz. But we reserve the option to change based on how crowded they are or if something more interesting comes up. We keep an eye on the scene so you don't have to.

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We are Victoria and Stan, and founded VJ Services Ltd after years of providing tours for cruise ship passengers. Our goal has been to introduce our visitors to St Petersburg in ways that will encourage them to love this unique city and culture the way we do.
Every tour design is guided by that principle that results in a safe, fun, informative adventure in beauty, history, the arts and unique culture in an engaging personal encounter devoid of the conventional dry history lectures which have been the standard guide style for 50 years..

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