The Full Day of Art ftom $50/person

Nothing better for art lovers than experiencing it in the city that is synonymous with the arts, accompanied by a friendly knowledgeable Private guide licensed by each of the destinations art museums. This tour is low cost and well suited to cruise passengers, and land-based visitors

The Day of Art tour is for those who love art or want to learn about it in the perfect setting, St Petersburg where art is a part of daily life. This Private tour is for both cruise passengers or those with visas arriving other than on cruise ships. Cruise passengers have the option of a private air-conditioned car or van plus driver and an Art specialist guide or guide alone and using convenient public transportation

Private guided tour for visitors 

Museums Visited on this tour:

  • State Hermitage Museum
  • Winter Palace
  • General Staff
  • Russian Museum of Russian Art

Your Day of art begins art the port if cruise passengers or at Palace Square

The first destination is the Winter Palace which also contains part of the Hermitage collection. The Winter Palace is often a highlight of the visit to St Petersburg. After seeing the opulent public and private family areas of the palace you will see the main art exhibitions in the vast collection of over 1 million works of art in the over 3 million items on display The collection is art of the world and includes all except the European art of the 19th through current which has been transferred to the General Staff.
The Key collections added to the Hermitage include:
1764 – Johann Ernst Gotzkowsky’s collection
1769 – Count Heinrich von Bruhl’s collection
1772 – Baron Pierre Crozat’s collection
1779 – Sir Robert Walpole’s collection
1781 – Count Baudouin’s collection
1787 – Cabinet of carved stones of Duke of Orleans
1814 – Paintings from the Malmaison Palace of Josephine Beauharnais
1861 – Marquis Gian Pietro Campana’s collection
1884 – Alexander Basilewsky’s collection
1885 – Collection of the Arsenal in Tsarskoye Selo (now the town of Pushkin)
1910 – Pyotr Semenov-Tyan-Shansky’s collection
After 1918 the Hermitage also received the socialized collections of the Russian aristocratic families Sheremetev, Stroganoff, Shuvalov, Yusupov
and others
1935 –
collection of the former Museum of the Baron Stieglitz Central School of Technical Drawing
1948 - collections of late-19th –
early-20th century European paintings of Sergei Shchukin, Ivan Morozov and others
1950 –
collection of banners and banners’ accessories, banners’ graphics, the archives from the Artillery Historic Museum
2001 –
collection of the Lomonosov (Imperial) Porcelain Factory
Composition of the Hermitage Collections as of 1 January 2013

Next you visit the General Staff which was the headquarters of the Imperial Army and now the left wing has been converted into an optimal art viewing environment for the European art collections of the 19th through current era art including the Hermitage French Impressionists. The General Staff is not crowded so the art is seen under the best conditions.

Next, an optional leisurely lunch in one of the many nearby cafes and restaurants catering to any taste.

The rest of the day is spent visiting the State Russian Museum The State Russian Museum is the world’s largest collection of Russian art, housed in a unique architectural complex in the historical center of St Petersburg.

The museum collection contains over 400 000 exhibits covering all major periods and trends in the history of Russian art, all main types and genres, trends and schools of Russian art over more than a thousand years: from the X to the XXI century.

Photo Gallery of Art

Examples of some of the fine art seen in the millions of pieces on display:


Number of members        Price per person
4-6 $50
2-3 S70
1 $145

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We are Victoria and Stan, and founded VJ Services Ltd after years of providing tours for cruise ship passengers. Our goal has been to introduce our visitors to St Petersburg in ways that will encourage them to love this unique city and culture the way we do.
Every tour design is guided by that principle that results in a safe, fun, informative adventure in beauty, history, the arts and unique culture in an engaging personal encounter devoid of the conventional dry history lectures which have been the standard guide style for 50 years..

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