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VJ Tours is an expert in creating tours of St Petersburg that fit any interest and budget, any size from 2 to 200 members. We have a simple approach, find out what our guests want, their interests, and any special requirements and create the best tour at the best price available.  We have published a few itineraries as the most requested. We have specialized in Shore Excursions and have permits for  port access and Federal Authorization for hosting VISA-FREE tours for up to 72 hours for cruise ship and ferry passengers.  

St Petersburg has endless options and for all interests

If our published itineraries are not what you had in mind, we are happy to create  one based on your interests. We are experienced creating and conducting full tours for those with mobility restrictions.  Our land tours can range from fun walking tours to VIP Luxury tours and anything in between. We can arrange for art historians or experts in a range of fields for private discussions

  • Highly Flexible Tours for adjustments along the way
  • Vast Meal options suited to your taste and style
  • Ample opportunities for Photography
  • Contemporary Culture and Daily Life Interaction
  • Shopping with non-tourist options 
  • Wireless Audio systems to be able to hear your guide in more crowded museums

Cruise Passengers
The best and most popular way for cruise ship passengers to experience the most that St Petersburg has to offer is by having us create customized personalized private tour. This can also be called VIP touring-your and only your own party alone without any strangers. VJ Tours works directly with you in creating a custom private tour that perfectly matches your party's interests and expectations. 

A Private tour allows the most direct interaction with your professional licensed guide who will acts as your guide, adviser on the culture and your interpreter for when you  meet locals or interact with shops and restaurants  Although some destinations require appointment times to be met, having a private tour allows a degree of flexibility during the tour. Next to being a native of St Petersburg, a private tour is the best way to understand this fascinating city and culture.

The price of a custom tour is dependent on the number of people accompanying you. With each additional person, the cost per person in your group reduces, for example, 8 people touring together in a private group pay less per person than if the group totals 4 in number, participating in the same tour destinations since the price of the van or a car, port fees, your guide, driver and other fixed costs do not increase with the number of visitors. 

Land Visitors
An advantage of a land tour is the luxury of more time to explore over a number of days, and having more flexibility in exploring on your own. After the first day of orientation with your VJ guide, you will have no problem finding your way around, using the efficient and convenient public transportation, and interacting with the city on your own in the evenings. We can provide VISA Support documents needed to apply for your visa. There are hundreds of museums, parks and cathedrals in the city and there are many cultural and social activities, all of which we can assist you will arranging.
Evening options are no less wide in choices as during the day: Fine Dining, a ballet, or small jazz club, dinner cruise on the Neva River, Master Classes in Rusian Cooking, noise rock or dance clubs, or just hanging out in a local pub meeting locals.

How to plan your visit

We can create a tour itinerary that fits your interests and timing. The first step is to let us know when you are coming and how many days you will be here. Then list some interests such as history, contemporary culture, recreation, museums,  daily life etc.

More great Private tours!

Private Full Two-Day Tour

Private Full Two-Day Tour

"A Private full 2 Day Experience of St Petersburg, VISA-FREE Shore Excursion or land tour for a great overview of the city, history and culture and fun! Enjoy a great Private tour for less than the ship charges for a crowded  50 member group tour! "

VIP Luxury Tour

VIP Luxury Tour

"A luxury Tour for those who want the best St Petersburg has to offer with private showings, rarely seen exhibits, fine dining, and much more not seen by  others on conventional tours. "

Victoria-Guide Private Tours

Victoria-Guide Private Tours

"Victoria is a fully licensed and experienced guide who grew up in St Petersburg so knows the  interesting less known history and hidden sites . ​ "


Who We Are:

We are Victoria and Stan, and founded VJ Services Ltd after years of providing tours for cruise ship passengers. Our goal has been to introduce our visitors to St Petersburg in ways that will encourage them to love this unique city and culture the way we do.
Every tour design is guided by that principle that results in a safe, fun, informative adventure in beauty, history, the arts and unique culture in an engaging personal encounter devoid of the conventional dry history lectures which have been the standard guide style for 50 years..

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