This fun tour is a great way to see a great deal of St Petersburg including both historical sites and contemporary life. Your itinerary was designed to experience as much as possible in 2 days without being rushed, leaving exhilarated, not exhausted.
Your party will be only those who you invite,  at a fraction of the price of ship or hotel sold tours.  Being a private tour, your adjustments to the itinerary are possible, plus more personal interaction with your guide, and share stories and conversation about your life and your new experiences in St Petersburg than is possible with a group tour. Our guides know the details of every aspect of history, art
and culture but unlike other tour operators, we want the narration to be a conversation and not a dull history lecture. You will not be overloaded with dates and who married who in which year 250 years ago, but your guide can certainly tell you if you are interested. But what you are going to hear is the stories of fascinating people, culturally important trends and life of everyday people throughout the eras which connects you to your surroundings far better than date and generals and a second cousin to a Tsar birth date. Your guide will assist you interacting with locals, and contemporary society and act as your interpreter if needed.

Title Full 2-day St Petersburg
Visas Visa Free for Cruise passengers or we can provide free Visa Invitations for those arriving by air
Type Either Shore Excursion or for those staying in hotels
Duration 17.5 hours+evening activities if desired
Maximum Group Size 15
Activity Level Active, but can adapt for mobility impaired
Inside Visits Peterhof Fountain Park and Gardens, State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, General Staff, St Nikolas Church, Catherine Palace at Pushkin, the Park at Pushkin, Metro underground ride, Canal Boat trip, Church on Spilled Blood, opportunity for Russian souvenir shopping
Meals Lunches both days are included, in fine restaurants
Starting Time 45 Minutes after your ship clears customs
Mobility Restrictions Walkers and folding Wheelchairs can be accommodated
Price  From $259 per person depending of party size
2 389
3-6 359
7-18 299
19-or more 259

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Who We Are:

We are Victoria and Stan, and founded VJ Services Ltd after years of providing tours for cruise ship passengers. Our goal has been to introduce our visitors to St Petersburg in ways that will encourage them to love this unique city and culture the way we do.
Every tour design is guided by that principle that results in a safe, fun, informative adventure in beauty, history, the arts and unique culture in an engaging personal encounter devoid of the conventional dry history lectures which have been the standard guide style for 50 years..

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